30 Day Photo LOVE Challenge

The College Crush’s 30-day LOVE challenge kicks off today and we are planning on making this an all-inclusive experience between all of our Crushes! No point in doing something unless you do it big, right?

Here are the details:

What: Regardless of what day in the challenge we are on, there is one thing that will be consistent; it’s about all kinds of LOVE, dating, and all the great things that come attached to each of those.

Where: This challenge will be taking place on our Tumblr and Facebook pages. Just follow these links to whichever destination you prefer – it’s like walking through the door to Narnia! It will last for 30 days and will involve pictures, pictures, and more pictures!

How: If you are on Tumblr just use “College Crush 30 Day Challenge” to tag us. If you choose to use Facebook you can post it on our wall. Regardless if you are on Tumblr or Facebook just participate because it WILL be fun, promise!

Why?  The point of this challenge is multifaceted. Some days we will be taking you on a trip down memory lane. Other days, the challenges will involve being thankful for the people that have come into your life and what they have contributed to it. It’s easy to forget all the good stuff and what better time to be thankful then around Thanksgiving? As the title says, all of the days will include fun challenges that will take you on a ride to the past or future of love. Pretty sure the 30-day challenge will guarantee at least a smile a day, which is just what our Dating Makeover Coach ordered!


So enjoy our challenge and become a part of the more united CC family that will most definitely stem from this.


Photo found on http://favim.com/image/197022/

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