4 Reasons To Love Your Singlehood This Holiday Season

I have been there. You have been there.

Last week, I wrote about how the holidays can leave you feeling lonely, even if you’re with someone. And so let’s say you take my advice and break off that bad relationship – well then what?  Thanks a lot Brit, now my life sucks! You’re staring a flurry of parties and holidayish (hellish?) events in the face and you’ve got no one alongside you to ease the pain. Not to mention the continual barrage of Kay’s commercials that are so bad they are almost good, yet they still make you want to puke.

When you are flying solo, the holidays most definitely do not seem like the most wonderful time of year. But is that really true? Well I’m here to tell you that this isn’t an American Eagle ad,  and you CAN have a happy holiday without someone playfully throwing snowballs at you as you walk along a narrowly lit sidewalk.

I know you’re expecting me to tell you to go and volunteer to feel better about yourself.  But you know me better than that. We’re going to talk about how this is the most wonderful time of year to be single and you’re going to tuck away that sad face Macaulay McSulky!

I present to you 4 reasons to be lovin’ your singlehood this holiday season:

1. Because you can bask in the excess of money.  Spend that extra hundred bucks (or whatever you would have spent on your sugarlump) and get yourself a new haircut, a ridiculously hot dress, super sexy shoes or all of the above. Show up to a New Year’s party feeling fabulous and relish in the fact that you didn’t have anyone telling you that purchase was a waste of money or that you already have enough of those.

2. Because you’re not stuck in awkward situations. Listen carefully as all of your friends gripe about the awkward family gatherings that they have to attend with their sweeties and cry tears of sweet joy that you only have to put up with your family this year. You won’t have to pretend to be excited about the towels your boyfriend’s mom got you or the fruitcake his grandma forced you to try. Things won’t always be this easy, sister. And then there’s always the internal dialogue of: “But what if I spend too much? Then he’s going to feel like crap. But what if I don’t spend enough? Then I’m going to look like a creep!” Ahh, the stress! Nope. You don’t gotta worry about that.

3. Because you can capitalize on endless opportunities.  Think you’re the only one who’s single for the holidays? Pssh. There has never been a better time to meet people -they’re literally lining the walls of every party and check out line! And who can’t resist falling in love than with big, giant snowflakes and Christmasy lights around you? Ugh. So go to every party you’re invited to, look fabulous wearing your new dress (see point 1) and spread a little holiday joy.

4. Because you have more time to focus on what matters. Last year was the first year I had time to make Christmas cookies, put them in cute little packages with a Christmas quote and deliver them to my friends. Let me tell you, it put me in the best mood. It’s especially great when people aren’t expecting it. Plus, you know if you were in a relationship you’d be spending almost all your time with them  – so use the opportunity to double up on family and friends time.

And you know, I suppose you could volunteer too. It’s not the worst idea. ;)


photo credit: http://shinelikelouboutins.tumblr.com/post/12741508852

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