5 Dating Tips You Can Learn From A Vampire

Why do you think every woman on the planet loves Edward Cullen? Even the women who shouldn’t love him because they could be his grandma, still love him.

I mean, if you really think about it, his character is kind of creepy. He’s lurking around in the hallways, stalking her down dark alleys to save her from the bad boys, slipping in her window to watch her sleep. So there has to be something there that we are drawn to, because normally we’d be getting a restraining order from Edward. Besides his obvious, off-the-charts asthetic beauty, I think it has a little something to do with his persona. He’s mysterious. You can’t quite figure him out. You’re constantly left wanting to know more. And if there’s one thing that drives women nuts, it’s when they can’t figure someone out.

But, beyond his vampire Edward Cullen alter ego, Robert Pattinson is just as mysterious in real life. Have you ever seen one of his interviews? He’s allusive. He gives you just enough so that you want to hear his next interview.

So what does this have to do with YOU?

Well my dearest ladies, it’s simple. But easier said than done. I feel a lot of us suffer from oversharing. Putting ourselves out there too far, too fast. Know what I’m saying? This not only refers to information about our pasts, but also the physical side of things. Again, think to Edward. How badly does Bella want him because she can’t have him? Girls aren’t the only ones who love some mystique — guys are huge fans too. I get a lot of feedback from guys on this, trust me.

Here are 5 dating tips straight from Edward Cullen. Don’t ask how I have a direct connection. I will never tell. I’m working on my mystique.

1. Don’t share your past too quickly. Goodness, ladies. Don’t go into your entire relationship history on the first date. Or even the third. We often do this. You shouldn’t even be discussing past relationships until way down the road. No one wants to take someone out and hear all about their exes. Do you? Eew. No guy should know everything about you within a month, or what else is there to talk about? Don’t be too much of an open book. Don’t confuse honesty with oversharing. He needs to earn those stories. And besides, it’s overwhelming and you’ll probably cry while telling them. So, chill out.

2. Careful with the cleavage. Women often dress provacatively to get attention, and guys know that. They aren’t stupid — they know you aren’t dressing that way for other girls. Everytime I hang out with guys and they see a girl walk in wearing a mini skirt and a skimpy top, do you know what happens? They look, of course. But after they turn away they say, “Yea, I can tell what she’s looking for.” And you know what? If a guy is looking for a one night stand, he will approach her. But no decent guy will. Why? Because he assumes she’s insecure, needy, and probably not too trustworthy. That might not be the case, but it’s the impression they will get. Guys have always told me that they would prefer a subtly sexy girl over an overtly sexy one. They don’t like it handed to them on a slutty, silver platter.

3. Don’t talk about “girl issues.” I don’t even like typing this sentence right now ’cause it makes me cringe. Number one complaint I hear from guys. Do you honestly think they care? Do they want to hear about it? I don’t even want to hear about it and I’m a girl. Keep those things to yourself. I don’t care if you want them to feel sorry for you because you have cramps. Just tell him you don’t feel good — he doesn’t need the details! Guys aren’t good with details anyway.

4. Wink a lot. It works. Sometimes, I’ll even wink in lieu of answering a question.

5. Take things slowly. You may think that you won’t hold on to a guy if you don’t get all up in his grill, but that logic is faulty for two reasons. First, it’s incorrect. Second, what kind of guy is he that you think you have to move fast physically to keep his attention? I will reiterate my previous sentiments that guys like the chase, they like the mystery, and that applies to your physical relationship as well.

Oh, and don’t tan too much. Unless you live in Orange County, then I suppose it’s okay, since orange is in the name of the town.



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