About Kira

Important Stuff About Kira:

Name: Kira Sabin

Job: Spunky Dating Coach

Location: Madison, WI

Likes: Italy, sushi, Parks and Recreation, witty banter, the ocean, my mac, good wine, When Harry Met Sally, indie music, coffee, yummy accents, funyuns, my cat Leroy

Dislikes: Whiners and Mean People

Featured In:  USA Today College, Huffington Post, College Candy, Your Tango, Yahoo Shine and Divine Caroline

Her Story

About a year ago, after writing for College Candy and having numerous talks with my amazing college interns, it dawned on me how complicated dating in college is. You see, I had forgotten.  When you are my age (30-something..yikes!) you think back to college and think of it as this “Mecca of Single Awesomeness.”  After starting to talk to college ladies a wave of memories and emotions came back to me reminding me of all the confusion, frustration and pain my friends and I went through in college.  The friend zones, the pseudo-relationships, the drunken hook-ups…all of them leaving you in a place where you buy a ticket to “the crazy train” and say wtf?  I am so over this.

Even if you wanted to listen to your parents’ advice, technology has changed dating in a way that renders their advice irrelevant. I am not going to lie, dating, love and relationships are already hard. If we add facebook, twitter, texting, and sexting it is downright complicated. The biggest problem is that without any guidelines, you are inventing the rules for dating with technology and mostly learning the hardway….from your own mistakes.  Ouch.

Sometimes you just need some good, real advice and an outside perspective to look at things in a new light.  That is where I come in.  You are not alone.

In the last couple of years, I have made guiding 18-25 year olds through this complicated maze my life goal.  Through The College Crush, speaking, classes and coaching I am helping you understand love and how to find it.

Oh and by the way, Kira is a professionally certified coach through the International Coach Academy and an active member of the International Coach Federation.  She loves helping out all gen x and y singles with there they are stuck, but has found a particular passion for the college ladies and launched The College Crush in September 2010.  She gets around a bit and has been  featured in the Chicago Tribune, writes regularly for Huffington Post, USA Today, College Candy and Your Tango and hosts her own radio show College Love Hangover.   She lives in America’s Dairyland, Madison, WI and yes….loves cheese.

Interested in Kira speaking at your school?  Contact her at kira@thecollegecrush.com.


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