Are You Killing Your Confidence?

A lot of girls and women say to me (or lament, really), “I’m still 18 and I haven’t been kissed,” or, “I’m 23 and I still haven’t had sex.” Can I just tell you something?

You gotta take the “still” out of your sentence.
Still kills.
Still kills confidence.
Still kills.
You’ve gotta destroy your expectations. Expectations exist to make us feel bad. We make our own rules! We set our own standards! There is no right and there is no should. Should kills too.
I know it’s hard to believe sometimes that “everyone goes at their own pace” and that “it will happen for you,” but it can and it will, as soon as you eliminate the “stills” and “shoulds” from your life. Every time you say “still” or “should” you are putting yourself down. Women have a tendency to put themselves down. How many times has someone said to you, “I love your necklace” and you respond with, “Oh it was only five bucks at Forever 21″ or someone says, “Your hair is so pretty” and you say, “Please, I haven’t washed it in forever!”
We’ve gotta take the compliment and we’ve gotta own our lives. This goes for not just dating, college, but everything!
Say it with me: still kills.
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About the Author,

I like to help people with their relationship issues even though I have no idea how to solve my own. You can find me on my blog at I am totally OK if you want to refer to me as a updated Carrie Bradshaw as long as you mean the Carrie Bradshaw from the series and not the movies.