Are You Living Bright Side Up?

So, I have a new crush.

Recently, a friend of mine wrote a new book and well, I love it.  In fact, I love it so much I talked HER into sharing it with you.  Her name is Amy Spencer and her book, Bright Side Up: 100 Ways to Be Happier Right Now is a fun and simple way to add happiness in to your daily life.  Who doesn’t need that ocassionally?

Just a reminder, the BIGGEST and most successful way to attract the really nice guys and you know, have a great life is to get happy! This book takes you there.

Here is a little info.

We all have those days when life could use a lift. Enter Bright Side Up, a clever and comforting compendium to help you shift your perspective and appreciate what’s right in front of you. With the warmth and wisdom of a dear friend, this deceptively simple guide offers emergency optimism when you need it with fresh tips that can be put to use on the spot, including:

  • Thank the lemons
  • Rally in the rain delay
  • Steer life like a motorcycle
  • Ask your one-hundred-year-old self
  • Plan your party storyDip in whenever you need a boost. Because when you can find the sunshine in your every day, you’ll feel brighter, too.
Sounds great, doesn’t it?  Well, I have  a little more for you.  In case you haven’t heard, we are starting a book club.  Yes, a book club right here on CC.  We are going to be picking some incredible books and reading them together. In addition to just reading we are really going to get interactive, talk about the book on every level, and have fun while doing it.  Making friends, connecting…all of it!
Guess what our first book is going to be :)

Since we are so so excited about starting up our BOOK CLUB we just had to make you a part of the fun! We’re going to be giving a lucky follower a copy of Bright Side Up: 100 Ways to Be Happier Right Now by Amy Spencer AND as if that wasn’t enough we’re also giving you a free coaching session with me.  An hour to discuss what is and is not working in your dating/relationship life and then discuss how to fix it.  I know… this is the BEST giveaway ever. Here’s the catch though (don’t worry it’s a fun catch!) : we want you to get creative and tell us how you turn a bad day around, your own road to the “bright side up”.

Here are the details:

  1. Follow us on FB & Twitter
  2. Post your creative take on “bright side up” on any of our social media platforms.  What do you do to feel good
  3. HAVE FUN!
  4. AND get ready to read!

In the meantime, we would love you to grab the book and start reading so you can joi us in the club!!!

As a little enticement, here is one of her short and fun ways to get happier!

Flip-flop it!

My friend Monchi, from Panama, was planning a party with his housemate Mariana. They wanted to throw an upscale party at their recently renovated home, but Mariana had just had her wood floors redone, and she didn’t want people putting pockmarks into the fresh finish with their high heels.

“It’s tacky to ask people to take their shoes off inside, right?” he asked.

“Right,” she said. “But it’s also tacky to say they’re not allowed inside at all.”

Then she stumbled upon the perfect solution: “We’ll throw a chancletini party!”

“A what?” asked Monchi.

“Chancletas and martinis!”

In Panama, the word chancleta means “flip-flop” (that is, those rubber beach shoes), so at this party, they’d serve martinis to guests wearing flip-flops all night long.

Well, people went nuts for it. They went on chancleta shopping trips, buying wacky pairs decorated with wild colors, big plastic flowers, or superheroes from the ninety-nine-cent store. The first thing people did when they walked in the room was point at one another’s feet and whoop with laughter.

“Half the photos people took at the party were of peoples’ feet!” said Monchi.

The lesson? There is always another way to look at things, a solution for handling something by making a different physical, mental, or emotional choice. Think about that the next time you find yourself in a mental pickle: Is there another angle to this? Should I come at this from the other side? Singleness, for instance, is also freedom. Loneliness is also time to think. If you’re broke and still want to celebrate your birthday, have a cereal party. If you’ve ripped a gash in your favorite jeans, stitch them up with bright green thread. Flipping it can take the thing you’re most scared of, embarrassed about, or leery to express and make it more memorable than ever. No matter what life doles out, we have the ability to turn the very worst into the very best. If you’re feeling like a flop, flip it.


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