Be Bold.

Do you put yourself out there? It can be a scary thing no matter what, but in college when you’re meeting new people and trying to fit in it can be extremely terrifying. But it’s worth the risk. I am generally a shy person, which surprises people for some reason, so I understand about the millions of other excuses you may have for not talking to the cute person at the party. If it goes poorly, then that kind of sucks but at least you know you tried. And if it doesn’t go poorly? Results! So here are some tips for bringing you out of the cave:

– Have a mutual friend introduce you. Even if your friend doesn’t know the hottie in question very well (there’s some “Clueless” speak) it’s still a nice way to meet someone and takes some edge off.

– If you don’t have a mutual friend, say hi and ask if you do. Kind of like that old, “You look familiar” line but keep it fresh with something like, “Do you know Tyler?” Everyone knows someone named Tyler!

– Don’t worry about running out of conversation topics because as soon as you worry about that, you will. It’s like I’ve said before: if someone instructs you, “Do not think about elephants right now” you are going to think about elephants right now. Don’t jump to the end before the beginning.

– Be lighthearted. You know what helps, weirdly enough? Joking about things you hate. People seem to have more in common when they talk about mutual hatred of something rather than mutual like.

Are you sad to be missing the premiere of ‘True Blood’ tonight?”

No, I hate that show.”

“OMG me too!”

But don’t try to hate things just for the sake of hoping to hate the same thing. Might be weird if you said, “Hi, do you know Tyler, I do, and I hate Mary Poppins, almonds, and hot days.”

– Think to yourself, “If this doesn’t work out, I can always blog about it.”

– And finally, if it feels like it’s dwindling or if you’re getting nervous, don’t force it. Smile, say you have to meet up with your friends, and you’ll talk later. If they’re interested, they’ll find you. If they’re not, they’re ridiculous.


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