Books That Won’t Eff You Up: How to Love an American Man

I just finished a terrific book and I want to recommend it here, since many of you Crushes probably enjoy reading/thinking about love and relationships as much as I do. It’s called How to Love an American Man by Kristine Gasbarre. I first found out about this book because I had heard rumors that it was being turned into a movie and big-name actresses were fighting for the lead role. I love books, celebrities, and celebrity gossip, so all of these things caught my attention. Interestingly enough, I soon found out that the book’s author is from the same town as one of my best friends. They know each other well. Small world, right? I decided to check the book out and I’m really glad I did.

The story focuses on Krissy, a twenty-something who has lived and worked in Italy and New York City, but has returned home to small-town Pennsylvania because of the death of her beloved grandfather. Krissy spends a lot of time with her grandmother helping her cope with her husband’s death and talking with her about relationships. Krissy’s grandparents were married for sixty years, so there’s a lot to learn from Grandma Glo.

The book reads like an entertaining novel, but it’s full of really interesting philosophies and thoughts from Krissy’s grandma (an old-school, Italian matriarch) about love and relationships. It’s also got plenty of stories about Krissy’s own relationships (both old and blossoming new ones). The book gives twenty-somethings plenty to think about, and it’s especially great if you have/had a great connection with your own grandparents.

You might not necessarily agree with Grandma Glo or with everything Krissy does, but the book is pretty eye-opening. Krissy’s had a lot of experiences that many twenty-somethings can relate to. For example, she talks about getting mixed signals from a man and also about how she had to get out of a fairly comfortable relationship because it just wasn’t working. It’s pretty useful to see how she deals with these experiences. It’s also interesting to see the advice her grandma offers her when she’s going through these (unfortunately) familiar problems. If you’re looking for a good book to read over break, or if you need a good stocking stuffer for someone on your list, this is your book.

Do you have any good love-related book recommendations? I’m always up for a good recommendation. Tweet me @lifewithlauren1 or find me at Life with Lauren.  

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