Countin’ Our Blessings

ABC Family has 25 Days till Christmas plus a countdown to that too, well at the College Crush we decided we needed something too!

It’s amazing to countdown to Christmas, the presents, the movies, and the holiday fun. But in midst of all that happened with Sandy these past few weeks it’s also good to just look around and give thanks.

From now until Thanksgiving, we’re going on a journey. A challenge of sorts.

Every day I’ll put up a post asking you what you’re grateful for, what made your day, giving you a challenge, and asking you to comment below with your answer. The day after Thanksgiving the College Crush will pick a person at random to send them a small token of our affection.

TODAY’S CHALLENGE: What made you smile this weekend? 

I know some days you just can’t seem to find the silver lining, but believe me it’s there. It’s always there. We’re going to find it together.

P.S. I learn from the best, our CAO Kira Sabin, when it comes to challenges so I will be sharing my daily inspirations too! I’m as much a part of this as you.

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