Crush Cocktail: A Spicy Concoction of our Favorite Links

Seductive Susan {Have you seen this episode of FRIENDS? Basically, that is the wrong way to seduce a man. But, The Stir gives you some good tips on how to easily seduce your man the right way.}

Crazy daisies {Are you in love with someone who makes you…well, crazy? YourTango describes the crazy makers and also gives you some tips on how to deal with these people. You can make it out alive.}

Are you a romantic? {Here is something fun for you today: take this quiz on Gurl to find out how romantic you are. My result? “Romeo & Juliet.” Let us know how you scored in the comment section below!}

What Women Want {Em & Lo asked these guys what they would do if they were a woman for a day. Funny and interesting…to say the least.}

Once a cheater {He strayed, he cheated, stop blaming yourself. Betty Confidential wants you to know: he’s a jerk and it isn’t your fault. He isn’t good enough for you anyway.}

Super Hotties {In honor of the Super Bowl tomorrow, I thought I’d link you to this wonderful article discussing the Top Ten Hottest Quarterbacks of All Time. Mmm…Tom Brady.}


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