Crush Cocktail: A spicy concoction of our favorite links!

Facts! {Here’s something interesting from Betty Confidential – the top 10 reasons we get dumped. Who knew?}

Sorry not sorry {If you’re like me, you apologize for everything…even when someone else is the guilty party! LoveTwenty discusses 10 things you should never apologize for – I really need to learn to do this!}

 Not your type {If one of these 13 things happens with the guy you’re seeing…he’s probably not the one. Check out the story on The Frisky for more information…}

The anthem {Did you know there is a super catchy “Facebook Yourself” song? According to Crushable, it’s the break-up anthem. Check it out!}

 The Gospel {Follow these Ten Commandments of Dating and you’ll probably be pretty happy in a relationship, so says The Twenty Life.}




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