Crush Cocktail: A Spicy Concoction of our Favorite Links!

Fix a Heart {Time after time, we go for the same type of guy or back to the same guy who hurt us. Why do we girls do this? Check out LoveTwenty for some insight.}

Lessons in staying single {Admit it, you love The Bachelor(ette). But, guess what, it is kinda teaching you how to stay single – it’s own form of lessons in dating. Check out this article from USA Today College.}

You’re so pinteresting. {Oh, all that boy needs is a link to your Pinterest page and he’ll be set for life. So TRUE. Check out why on The Twenty Life.}

Dear Me, {Have you ever wanted to write a letter to a younger you? This College Candy writer wrote a letter to her virgin self…and well, it’s worth a read. Great story!} 

They’re so fake. {You know those celebrity couples that you are sure they are only together for good publicity? Well, according to studies, fake relationships can actually get you to real love! Who knew? Check it out on Gurl.}



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