Crush Cocktail: A Spicy Concoction of our Favorite Links

Gold Medal Sex Game {It is estimated that a number I don’t even want to think about of Olympians have sex during the Games. In the 2000 Sydney games alone, over 70,000 condoms weren’t enough – they had to get more! Wow. Check out what you don’t know about sex at the Olympics from Shine.}

Gold Medal Douche… {I can’t believe he said that!” What are our boyfriends thinking sometimes…and why? Gurl gets into it.}

Single & Ready to Run…into a relationship {I personally can’t get enough of the Olympics! Even more so after reading this article on Betty Confidential – the Olympics can help me meet men? Local sports bars, here I come!}

The Politics of Dating {It is election year, and that means lots of political talk from the economy to…love? Check out this article on Love, Politics & Bigotry from The Frisky.}

I get so lonely. {Truth is, we all need some alone time – it helps, promise. The Gloss gives you 9 reasons why a little bit of time apart makes the heart less bitchy.}


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