Crush Cocktail: A Spicy Concoction of our Favorite Links

Pick you up in his Mercedes {Did you know you can tell a lot about a guy by the way he drives? Yep. Check it out on YourTango!}

Together but Apart {“Science keeps want to pummel you with the information that sharing a bed with someone is going to disturb your sleep,” says The Gloss. But you should probably still share your bed with your lover anyway}

That’s Hot. {We imagine guys to be attracted to certain things, but what are they really attracted to? College Candy explores…}

Perfection {We all want it, but we can’t all have it. That doesn’t mean our Facebook friends need to know that we don’t, right? Here are 10 steps to convince your FB friends that your life is perfect…with love from The Frisky.}

 Let’s Hook Up! {Ever do it? Ever failed? There are secrets to a perfect hook up, and TresSugar wants you to know how…}


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