Crush Cocktail: A Spicy Concoction of our Favorite Links

Bad boys, bad boys { We all know the case of Rihanna and Chris Brown. What we don’t exactly know is why good girls go for the bad boys. USA Today has some interest insight for us.}

I’m, like, so totally into you. { Do you ever meet a guy at a bar and by the end of the night realize you are so totally into him? Happens all the time, right? But, you don’t wanna make the first move especially if you’re totally awkward and could mess it up…have no fear, Traveling Light is here! Turns out you can let him know you’re interested without acting like a hot mess. }

Little Sexy Things { Guys are curious creatures, but they’re easy to please curious creatures…sometimes…anyway, check out this list of 30 Little Things Guys Find Sexy. Direct to you from Betty Confidential! }

Living and loving together. { Moving in together can be a huge step in a relationship. That’s why you need to consider important things before you do and you need to make sure it’s the right decision for each of you individually and as a couple. Feather Mag offers you some great things to think about.}

Wanna get down, but not the first night. { It’s hard trying to figure out when to make the big step with a new guy. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t. Love Twenty explores the issue for you. }



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