Crush Cocktail: A Spicy Concoction of our Favorite Links

{ The man, the myth, the legend. } Wait, wait…not so much a myth. Or even true. Check out what these guy says  on College Candy about knowing how to tell if that guy is into you. Apparently, there’s a lot of misinformation.


{ Dog Days of Summer } Summer is almost over, and it’s almost time for back to school. Were you in a long-distance relationship this summer? Can’t wait to get back to him? How did you manage to keep that spark alive? Check out USA Today to see how one writer got through it…


{ Oh. So. Lonely } Here’s something fun…and kinda creepy…for you courtesy of The Gloss. A lap pillow. You know, for those times you’re just so lonely and need some love. Yeah…these are real.


{ You gotta let go. } When a relationship has ended, it’s sometimes hard for us to move on. Sometimes we don’t know how long we should wait to try a new relationship. So, when is the right time? When should we let go?


{ Good Morning } Wakey, wakey…time for texts! Oh, wait, not all guys really want that morning text. Nor do they want to send it. Or keep sending it. Oh, sigh, thanks for the insight College Gloss!


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