Crush Cocktail: A Spicy Concoction of your Favorite Links!

Texting…1 2 3… {Why isn’t he texting me back?” Super annoying, right? LoveTwenty is dishing out some secrets about why…and how to deal with it.}

 Like mother, like daughter { We spend so much time working on relationships with friends and guys, we forget another important relationship – the one with our mothers. And Feather Mag gives you some tips on how to keep that relationship strong.}

 I’m your Venus, I’m your fire… {I’m sure we all have a bit of a sex goddess in us, right? And…you shouldn’t have to apologize for it, especially if you know it. Check it out at College Candy.} 

Going to the chapel, and gonna get married {So, you’re married. And you’re thinking… “Should this marriage be a renewable contract?” The Frisky is straight shooting this question right from the hip.}

Top ‘o the mornin’ to ya! {Woohoo! Green beer is just a couple days away and you’re surely to get hit on while drinkin’ some at your local watering hole. And some of those pickup lines aren’t so acceptable, but YourTango has some that are. Check it out!}


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