Crush of the Day: Fit in Clouds for your “Stride of Pride” Needs

Now, we don’t want to make assumptions about your overnight activity, but there comes a time in every lady’s life where her heels (no matter how hot) are killing her feet and need to come off…immediately!  Let’s be honest, the whole “barefoot while carrying the shoes” is a little trashy and you never know what nasty pieces of glass or chewed up gum may find a home on the bottom of your feet.  Enter:  Fit in Clouds.

These sweet little babies are foldable and  tuck easily into your purse for those emergency moments and save you the embarrassment if you just happen to be wandering home at 8 am the next morning.  Best part is that they are so cute, most people at bar time or in the morning will not even notice

Check them out at their site in numerous colors and fabrics.


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