Graveyard Shift {Does anyone ever remember Halloween Weekend? For some it is an ongoing party that doesn’t stop until All Hallow’s Eve is over. But there are some basic steps you should follow to ensure all the fun (and safety) you’re gonna be having. How to Courtney gives you some deets on How To: Navigate Halloween Weekend.}

Masquerading {Slutty Nurse? Or Audrey Hepburn? You’re bound to get more heads turned your way with the classier and sexier Halloween costume that is Audrey. But just in case you don’t get it, Big Red Flags tells you How to be Sexy – Not Skanky – This Halloween. }

 Monster Problem {So, it’s Oct. 30 and you get home from work or school or wherever to great ready for a Halloween party and you realize, “Holy Halloween! I don’t have a costume yet!” Stop Being a Loser helps you find one.}

 Cheers! {We like to share the love that other sites offer with you with our weekly Crush Cocktails. Check out our latest edition: a Spooky Concoction of our Favorite Links with even more helpful Halloween tales of love & war.}


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