Hey Girl Who Finds Out Her Ex Has A New Girlfriend

OK, so in fairness, it’s never a fun revelation. But look at it this way, you broke up for a reason. Either he was an ass and that’s why you dumped him, or he was an ass and didn’t appreciate all the amazing that is you (what, is that biased?). Fine. Maybe shit just didn’t work out. But here are my 8 GOLDEN TRUTHS (and because I call them golden that means they are 100% accurate, duh):

1. You’re prettier
2. You’re way more fun
3. He still thinks about you and how much cooler you are than her
4. You’re prettier
5. You’re skinnier
6. You’re just all around better
7. He still stalks you on Facebook and pines after you
8. You’re WAY prettier

So go ahead, stalk away on that new girl. But take pleasure in the above and remember, in the end, you win.


Photo found on:  http://insatiablycurious.tumblr.com/post/3786206313

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