How A Tiny Attitude Adjustment Can Reenergize Your Relationship

The new year is full of resolutions about 6 a.m. workouts and patience when your aunt asks you private questions about your personal life. Okay, maybe that’s just me. But the new year also has a positive energy about it that is seriously invigorating. This energy is really important for your relationship. I recently read this article from Your Tango about focusing on the good in your relationship. This seems like fabulous advice as we try to start 2012 off the right way.

The article talks about the importance of  moving past your partner’s flaws so you can focus on the great things he/she brings to the relationship. Life is stressful. Whether you’re in college or working a full-time job, there are days when you barely have time to stop to eat. It’s easy to lose patience with the people you love, especially your significant other. But it’s so much more productive (and feels so much better) to focus on the great things about your relationship and the person you’re in it with.

The article emphasizes that you can’t be fake when you’re focusing on the positives. You also can’t gloss over truly destructive traits that your partner is displaying, for example abusive behavior, lying, cheating, etc. However turning your focus away from negative traits and towards positive ones is a great way to keep the relationship fresh and fun. Instead of running into a brick wall as you try to change (relatively meaningless) things about a person, put more emphasis on the things he/she does for you that no one else could. Focus on the great advice he gives or the sense of humor you share. Okay, so he’s practically glued to the couch playing video games on Sundays. If he’s loyal and treats you well, that far outweighs his Madden habit. Remind yourself of the great things that first attracted you to him and the world will seem like a much brighter, love-filled place, no matter what the climate is like outside.

What do you think about the advice this article is offering? Has focusing on the positives given your relationship a new burst of energy? Tweet me @lifewithlauren1 or find me at Life with Lauren. 

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