How to Be Sexy—Not Skanky—This Halloween

If you’ve spent Halloween on your college campus before, you know the drill: anything goes… as long as you’re baring as much skin as possible, that is. And, while we like to show a little leg ourselves during this once-a-year, no-outfit-is-too-slutty holiday, we’d like to give you some big-sisterly advice. Read on for our tips on how to look sexy, not skanky, this Halloween:

Be creative: Anyone can order the “Sexy Sailor,” “Sexy Jailer” or “Sexy Exterminator” costume online. (Seriously, there’s a sexy anything out there now). Instead of slutting it up for the sake of doing so, put together a costume (or make one!) that shows off both your hot bod and your creativity. Not to toot our own horns, but two members of our trio, Meagan and Natasha, made flamingo and peacock costumes, respectively, two years ago that were made of little more than bras, tulle and feathers. Sure, they looked mostly naked, but they got many compliments on how cool their costumed looked.

Make it a group thing: If you’re unsure about how sexy you’re ready to be on Halloween, get a few other gals from your floor and decide on a fun group costume so everyone will be wearing relatively the same thing. Superheroes and cartoon characters are always good go-tos, but you can find more creative (and still cute!) options by going as beer or soda cans (think, metallic mini-dresses), troll dolls (who can resist a fun wig?) or the Spice Girls (always a good last resort).

Don’t make it a competition: So… your roommate comes out of the bathroom wearing butt floss and a bikini top, making your halter top look like a nun’s habit by comparison. It’s all to easy to feel like a prude when you’re more clothed that your partner-in-crime but, honestly, sometimes more coverage can be sexier than less of it. Unless you’re a supermodel or a freak of nature (we’re thinking Rebecca Romijn in that XMen body paint), you should wear clothing in public. Plus, you also want to be able to comfortably get around. Especially if you’re going to be hopping from frat house to frat house and taking down a couple cups of Jungle Juice.

Wear underwear: Unless you’re donning leggings, opaque (as in NOT SEE-THROUGH AT ALL) tights or a floor-length gown (which we presume pretty much none of you will be doing), you must wear your panties underneath your costume. Yes, this seems like obvious advice, but you would be surprised how many vag slips we’ve seen in our day. No one wants to pull a Deena. (If you watch Jersey Shore, we’re referencing the episode in which she was dancing, underwear-less, in front of a glass partition. Not. Sexy.)

Go for funny: Maybe you think the whole “dress like a stripper on Halloween” thing is lame. We say, be like the third member of our trio, Julie, and wear something fun that showcases your personality, not your ta-tas.  Whether you choose to dress like a Ninja Turtle, a lunch lady, or Mini-Me (all costumes Julie has donned), you’ll be the life of the party—you won’t look exactly every other girl there and you clearly don’t take yourself too seriously, which is always a plus with the dudes.


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