Movies That Won’t Eff You Up: Once

The next installment of my new favorite weekly feature:  Movies that won’t “f” you up!  In case you missed it, here is what they are about.

Movies are great entertainment but they f*ck us up when it comes to dating and relationships.  We get so caught up in our favorite movies and tv shows that we start to really think that is how life and love works.  Movies that don’t f*ck you up is a regular feature of movies that display a much more realistic view of how the intricate world of love works.  I am not saying they are real, but they are at least not going to have you believing that relationships end with the first kiss.
Wouldn’t it be boring if they did?

Movie That Won’t “F” You Up:  Once.


I love movies that feel real. Movies that, for the short time that you watch them, make you feel like you are having a glimpse into someone’s life. Without sounding ridiculously cheesy, they are truly special.
I remember the first time I saw Once.  I was working on cruise ships and had the night off. I was working on some things and had the TV on in the background and the moment this movie started I was enthralled. It was so unassuming and almost precious. By ten minutes in, I had goose bumps and knew that this was special. Then the music started…I was a goner.

I will warn that this is a slow but beautiful movie.  There are no hollywood tricks here or music montages. It is just real.

Here is the synopsis:  in this charming contemporary musical helmed by John Carney, a street musician (Glen Hansard) in Dublin, Ireland, strikes up a friendship with a migrant street hawker (Markéta Irglová), and the duo ends up composing and recording a series of songs over the course of a week. The tunes mirror their burgeoning romance and help the young busker release his musical passions.

**I recommend watching this with subtitles.  They talk fast and low and you can miss a lot.
Here are three reasons Once won’t f*ck you up:

1.  Every frame feels like you are hanging out with friends watching their story.  I actually thought it might be a documentary. (Irish musician friends that is…)

2.  The conversations are real. No wouldn’t this be funny if she said this “here” and then he reacted like “this.”  These are conversations that anybody could have.  You feel their awkwardness and excitement.

3.  I feel that their relationship was one of the most honest relationships I have ever seen on screen.  There is no inevitable ending. It just is what it is and you are happier to be able to be part of the journey.
Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think of Once.

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