My First College Crush

Let’s call him Tom, because he kind of looked like Mr. Cruise before Mr. Cruise went Mr. Crazy. I know I say it in every article I write, but I came from an all girls school, and my last crush was in 8th grade and let’s say it ended terribly. Tom had a rakish smile, a stupid yet genuinely funny sense of humor, and a had an uncanny ability to make me swoon. Yes, swoon. Swoon like a loon.

We flirted at first. We met when he wandered into my friends dorm room where I was hanging out, came up to me, and said, “I love your hair, it’s bright blonde.” Then he commented on how small my hands were… and left. Gotta love college. We started flirting in class. I remember one time, while watching “Citizen Kane” (upon which I heard one student say to another, “Oh man I’m gonna get so many more “Simpsons” references after this”) he rested his arm against mine on my desk, and I thought I would pass out.

But as time went on, something happened, and he stopped liking me and started liking someone else. It hurt, even though we had never so much as kissed. I had become the mayor of his “friend zone.” Isn’t it great how resourceful TV is for references? Anyway he liked a girl who dressed up as a Playboy Bunny for Halloween, and that just wasn’t me. She was a really sweet girl though; I couldn’t dislike her.

I wondered how on Earth I managed to become his friend and not his girlfriend or even his fling. I assumed it was because I wasn’t pretty enough. Then I got it together and realized he had more experience than I did and he probably didn’t want to deal with my insecure newbie self. I let it go.

Years later he moved to L.A. and sought me out. We hung out and wound up making out, and honestly, it wasn’t as awesome as I thought it would be. It wasn’t bad, it was pretty great, but at that point the interest was like an abandoned gas station: nothing there.

Keep in mind that your first college crush is not the be-all, end-all. There will be others. You may wind up with them, you may not. Just have fun having a crush, don’t agonize over it, and think about what would happen if you actually got together: the hype is hard to live up to.

xxo. Almie

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