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Your love life was never meant to be this complicated.

It’s time for you to hop off the crazy train. And we’re gonna help you do it.

But The College Crush is not just an online magazine. It is an online and offline experience where you can go to find insight and advice from several different perspectives. We’re your daily dose of sanity. We’re the 3 a.m. reminder not to send that text. We’re dating coaches, heartbreak experts, boxed wine drinkers, recovered serial daters, confidence builders – but most importantly – we’re listeners.

We’ve been there. And we’ve got stories to tell. We’ve made lots and lots of love mistakes… so you don’t have to.

That is what we do and we have awesome people making it happen.  Check us out!

Kira Sabin - CAO, Chief Awesome Officer; Intern Wrangler; Smartnership Creator; The Nice One

Four years ago, I got my life coach certification, hung up my shingle and started coaching singles of all ages on how to not only find love but create true relationships that work.  After talking numerous college interns, their friends, and their friends’ friends off the crazy train and back into a more sane existence, I saw a problem and knew I had to help.  I saw ladies 20 years-old and already giving up, selling their souls while waiting for that text that never came, spending their nights cyber-stalking, lonely, confused and totally and completely over it.  As I looked around, I realized that college is really different than any other time in your life and also creates different dating and relationship dilemmas and debacles that weren’t being talked about online or off.  Not by people who could relate to what they were going through and give them solid advice.  Enter, The College Crush. In September of 2010, this site was born not only to give smart love advice to college ladies, but to become a place to talk, interact and share all of the crazy world of dating with technology, college hook-ups and walks of shame. Come on in. We have been waiting for you.

Emily PR Guru; Editor of blogs and swear words

Hello, I’m cute. I am also Emily and I am a student at Eastern Michigan University studying communications. I enjoy public relations, social media, event planning and writing. I am also a huge fan of the football genius of the Michigan Wolverines and it is a well-known fact that I am Britney Spears’ biggest fan – seriously! I love FRIENDS, Gossip Girl and the Big Bang Theory as well as any and all Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe films. Give me glitter and markers and I’ll love you forever. I truly believe I can live off water & sunshine. I have an uncontrollable need to please people and I am the best aunt ever.  “Everyone is a star and deserves the right to twinkle.” – Marilyn Monroe


Jineen Carcamo – Social Media; She’ll Tumblr for You

Hi I’m Jineen. Along with my awesome fellow interns I help run the site’s Twitter & Tumblr..so check those out! I’m a sophomore Advertising student at Temple University in Philadelphia. I enjoy fashion, social media, and spending time with family & friends. I love to laugh, even when no one else finds things funny. I’m just a happy girl and you’ll rarely find me without a smile. Check me out on twitter @jcarcamo31


Vivian Nunez - Social Media; Twitter-pated

Hello there fellow Crushes! My name is Vivian, Vi, Viv, @vmati on Twitter (don’t forget to follow!)…or any other variation of the name! My two major passions are marketing and journalism, hence them being my major and minor.  I love to read, watch movies (I will settle for anything with RyGos – can you say “swoon?”). It is my humble opinion that FRIENDS is one of the best, if not the best, TV show of all time and if those six friends can’t teach you life lessons, then I don’t know who can! I have gone through my fair share of hardships, but for me, the true beauty of life and love is always found when I look at my nephew, my family, my friends and all of those who surround me with love. Like one of my favorite authors, Paulo Coelho, said in his last book, “anyone truly committed to life never stops walking.”


Coryn Marzejon –  Social Media; Beyond Pinteresting

Hello beautiful Crushes, my name is Coryn Marzejon. I am a senior at Michigan State University studying Communications and specializing in Public Relations. I am currently a part of the social media/PR team for The College Crush and enjoying every minute of it. I love all things E!, Disney, Hello Kitty, Nike, Sephora, glitter, and have a passion for running and playing all kinds of sports. I am guilty of having Bieber Fever, continuously daydreaming of living in San Diego, and wishing I was a mermaid. I am currently single and on the pursuit of a Nice Guy ;)



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Spunky dating coach, college and sorority speaker, radio host, travel junkie, mac lover, pop culture addict, anglophile, future super star, sushi fanatic, Italy worshiper, champagne drinker, like your big sister....with a lot better advice.