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Ever feel like life would be much, much easier if you had your own dating coach? One that you could put in your pocket and ask questions to when you are going through the “I don’t understand!  WTF??  Why is he doing that?  Someone just kill me now!” moments.

Yeah, that would be awesome and guess what….now you can.  Seriously.

I am not only CAO of The College Crush, I am also a life coach, dating/relationship expert and college speaker.  I became a college speaker by accident when College Crush fans started asking if I would come speak at their schools and sororities…now I love it and would love to come to your college to answer all the questions I can to make love and relationships easier for you.  Who doesn’t want that!

Here is the awesome part!  If you help bring me to your school, I will become your very own dating coach for a semester.

Here is what that looks like:

*We talk up to 60 minutes (usually $150) each month by email or over the phone answering all of your tough questions.  This will last for 4 months.

*The day I come to your school, you will be my personal guide and we will hang out for part of the day just talking about EVERYTHING to do with love and relationships.

* The day I come to your school, we will set-up a group party for you and your friends before or after the speech to have all of their questions answered too.  Also, so you can keep each other accountable from making not great decisions. :)

How cool does that sound?

Here is what you have to do!  

Download the Speaker Kit here.  (preferably in color:)

Take it to your Student Activities Board, Sorority that you want to sponsor the event and encourage them to read the packet and check out The College Crush and for more information.

Email me at kira[at]thecollegecrush[dot]com to let me know you contacted your school.

That’s it!  I will contact your school and if they book me you are in and we will be the best friends that we should be!

Let’s Do This!





Talk to your Student Activities Board in person.

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