{Real Valentine’s Day} Crush Cocktail: A Sweet & Spicy Concoction of our Favorite Valentine’s Day Links

Love You {When it comes down to it, we really must love ourselves in order to really be loved by another, right? Love Twenty discusses being single on the day of Saint Valentine and what it means for us singles in the world.}

Guy Talk {So, what do the men in our lives really think about Valentine’s Day? The Frisky asked some and check out their answers}

Gift Giving {If you’re like many ladies out there, shopping for guys can be pretty tough. YourTango has some awesome suggestions…and by awesome, I mean really awesome.}

Music of my Heart {Being single sometimes means that love songs can, well, kinda make us mad…but HelloGiggles has compiled a list of love songs for everyone.}

Hillbilly Love Deluxe {Here are some fun ideas for Midwestern lovers on V-Day – check out Crushable’s list of Red State Dating Ideas Just in Time for Valentine’s Day. [This isn’t not really meant to be taken seriously, mostly for fun!}

Mingling Single {Oh Valentine’s Day, why doth thou hate the singles of the world? But wait – Betty Confidential comes to the rescue with 3 ways to celebrate flying solo.}

Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend {Marilyn Monroe wasn’t lying, of course, but she’d be singing a different tune if she saw this list of insanely expensive Valentine’s Day gifts from The Stir. }

On this Perfect Day {We all have our own ideas of the perfect date – and the perfect Valentine’s Day. But, the Shine thought they’d offer a little input on how to have the most perfect Valentine’s Day ever…it is kinda awesome.}


Image found on http://intoxicology.net/2011/02/10/liquid-love-valentines-day-cocktails/

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