Resolution: Get Your Sh#t Together!

The overall consensus on every social media platform (and among friends) is that the New Year means that there is a need for a new you. Well, at the College Crush we’re here to tell you that just isn’t true.

Honestly, the real task is to just take a step back and Get Your Sh#t Together! Forget about creating a new you, just put all the amazing pieces of you back together.

This is why the College Crush is providing you with the one and only New Year’s Resolution you’re going to need: Learn how to Get Your Sh#t Together in 2013!

The ‘Get Your Sh#t Together” Campaign will include weekly posts and challenges. No, these challenges will not make you climb Everest, think of them more like fun Pinterest DIYs.

The heart of the campaign will be all the small things you can do to get your shit together when it comes to love, relationships, friends, school, and life! We’ll be posting all of our “Get Your Sh#t Together” content on the site and our social media sites, but to make sure you’re in the loop {and for little extra special goodies} sign up for our email newsletter!

In addition to imparting all this knowledge, we also want to hear what you have to say. Each week we’ll be showcasing someone who managed to get their sh#t together. All you have to do is comment below each post or email your story!

Let’s do this!

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