Sex And The First Date

No one is entitled to anything in relationships. This applies to casual dating, too.

So you slept with him on the first date. That’s fine! Thankfully this isn’t the 1960s where you’d be Mad Menn-ed out of town for such a thing.

Here’s the problem, and it’s not with you: men think that just because you slept with them on the first date, they are entitled to sex every time. On one hand it makes sense: hey, we did this right away, it was fun, we both liked it, game on! On the other hand, who the hell are you to assume that because we sleep with you once, we will want to sleep with you every time? Sometimes, we just don’t feel like it, and it has nothing to do with you. I hate when guys get all mopey and prickly because you put a halt to the sex train for one night. Grow the eff up!

Isn’t part of dating getting to know someone? Sometimes you can do this through sex and sometimes you can do it through hanging out.

Now if this is a friends-with-benefits thing, that’s a whole other app.

But why must we be packed into a box that’s labeled “Sleep with me once, and it’s a done deal for the rest of our dates”? Again, this isn’t the 1960s, and this thinking seems old fashioned.

What do you think?


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I like to help people with their relationship issues even though I have no idea how to solve my own. You can find me on my blog at I am totally OK if you want to refer to me as a updated Carrie Bradshaw as long as you mean the Carrie Bradshaw from the series and not the movies.