Signs You’re Dating Someone Addicted to Social Media

Inspired by an ongoing rant from one of my girlfriends and some recent news coverage I’ve seen on the notion of “social media addiction,” I decided to write a post on how to know if the person you are dating is more obsessed with social media than spending time with you.

1. When they ask “what’s your number?” they’re referring to your Klout score not how many people you’ve slept with.

2. They want you to meet their Brooklyn friends first as part of their “influencer strategy.”

3. Their last three relationships ended on twitter.

4. They roll their eyes because you didn’t participate in Cheer Up Keanu day last June.

5. They’re too busy to call you during SXSW, yet not too busy to check in to different places every 11 minutes.

6. The abbreviation “SoMe” takes on a whole new meaning.

What can you add????

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About the Author,

Adrianna Giuliani is a techromance blogger and writes about how technology creates, crumbles and confuses modern relationships. She is repped by Hannah Gordon at Foundry Media and is working on a book proposal titled Great Textpectations, a collection of short stories and musings about dating in a post Sex and the City era.