Holiday E-Unions

The holiday season yields as much contemplation as celebration. I blame it on left over vacation days that pile up to mini-sabbaticals, long plane rides home and The Holiday ON DEMAND. But, one cannot help but feel nostalgic when riffling thru their inbox to find sweet communications from romanTECH loves past that make it oh-so-tempting to romanticize these relationships. If only he didn’t ask me to order our movie tickets on Fandango and then never offer to pay..

In the spirit of the season our inboxes are often hit with holiday messages from ex highschool BFs and GFs looking to meet up in our hometown bars and old “friends” reaching out to see if we have New Year’s plans. But are these “e”-unions sincere or the result of long and windy breaks that leave ex boos with time on their hands to plot a last minute New Year’s ball drop?

From simply stated “Happy Holidays” emails to obvious “wishing you the best this season” group texts from guys I haven’t talked to since I got bangs – these sneaky tacTECHs are likely to yield confusion. Plus with our Facebook news feeds constantly serving us photos, minutiae and TMI about our exes, is a catch up really necessary?

Well maybe if they are single.

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About the Author,

Adrianna Giuliani is a techromance blogger and writes about how technology creates, crumbles and confuses modern relationships. She is repped by Hannah Gordon at Foundry Media and is working on a book proposal titled Great Textpectations, a collection of short stories and musings about dating in a post Sex and the City era.