The Benefits of a Long Distance Relationship

We all know the not-so-fun parts of doing long distance. But I want to talk about a few of the benefits (yes, they exist) of doing distance. My boyfriend and I spent a good chunk of our relationship doing long distance, and I came to realize that there are actually a few perks that come with the whole thing. Hear me out:

1.) It’s like Orbitz. Only better: When your significant other is living in another city, it gives you an excuse to visit that city (and stay for free). Then you also have the inside scoop on that city’s best bars, restaurants, and attractions. It’s like dating your own personal tour guide, and you don’t even have to tip.

2.) You are your own hero: Now that I live with my boyfriend, it’s easy to pass the unpleasant household duties on to him. For instance, when we had a moth the size of a small child in our bedroom. I handed him a can of Raid and a fly swatter, and then was nowhere to be found. Had I still been living on my own, I would have womaned up, put on a big hoodie, grabbed that can of Raid and gone to work. When it’s you against the world, you have to handle the nasty creatures and the mold in the tub. I’m pretty sure that builds character. Or at least a strong stomach.

3.) More “you” time: It would probably be nice to be able to spend every lazy Sunday with him, but you can take advantage of the time you have apart instead of feeling sad about it. Have you always wanted to learn to play guitar? Take lessons. Wanted to try Bikram Yoga? Do it…. then let me know how it is. You’ll feel a lot better about yourself if you keep developing your own hobbies and interests instead of sitting on the couch watching Sex and the City reruns and feeling mopey. Not that any of us would do that, of course.

4.) “Can you hear me now?”: Doing a long distance relationship sometimes makes you feel like you’re earning a Masters in Communications. You’re Skyping, you’re talking on the phone, you’re texting, you’re emailing. You’re balancing two schedules, and there may be different time zones involved. It can be difficult, but it makes your relationship stronger because you’re forced to explain your wants and needs and listen to the other person. It also makes you better at communicating in general, which your friends and family members will probably appreciate.

5.) Lack of makeup is more acceptable: This one seems the most trivial, but may actually be one of the most underrated benefits. Do you ever have a day when you are just feeling tired, possibly crampy, and definitely not feeling like getting dressed up? Those are the days when you don’t want to put on makeup, you don’t want to brush your teeth, and you definitely don’t want to fix your hair. If you’re dating the right guy, he’ll still think you’re great even in that mess of a state. But no one really wants to show up at their significant other’s house looking like something the cat dragged in. These are the times when doing long distance is great. You can talk on the phone and he doesn’t have to have any idea that there may actually be something nesting in your hair.

Believe me, I understand that doing long distance is not exactly ideal. But hopefully these points help you feel a little bit better about the whole thing.  How do you guys deal with a long distance relationship? Tweet me @lifewithlauren1 or find me at Life with Lauren.

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