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Kira Sabin  {The Dating Makeover Coach}

Just like the Facebook status, dating is complicated.  While traveling the world on cruise ships, like a veritable Julie on the Love Boat, Kira realized that dating is, in fact, complicated no matter where you’re from, how old you are or what you do for a living, or if you have a really nice cruise ship to live on.

Kira believes that dating isn’t just about dinner and a movie on Saturday nights, love can (and should) be a more comprehensive way of life and can happen anywhere at anytime.  Learning from experts in different fields around the world she implements everything from feng shui to face reading into her dating makeovers, working with her clients specific needs and interests to help them create a more positive dating experience because the happier they are, the happier their relationships.

Through dating makeovers, clients will receive activities and challenges to help them become their best selves.  She has been known to take her clients out to watch body language, assess their living spaces to make sure it is dating friendly or work with a local chef to make sure they know how to cook a fantastic date dinner.  It’s all about being the person you want to date.

By the way, Kira is a professionally certified coach through the International Coach Academy and an active member of the International Coach Federation.  Her passion is talking to college women about love and launched The College Crush in September 2010.  She gets around a bit and has been  featured in the Chicago Tribune, contributes to cool sites like College Candy and Your Tango and hosts her own radio show: College Love Hangover. She lives in America’s Dairyland, Madison, WI and yes….loves cheese. Want Kira to come and speak at your school or sorority?  Find out more here.

twitter: @kirasabin //site: Kira Sabin


Brit Elrick {Blunt Delivery}

I was born an innocent and trusting child. But somehow, somewhere, everything got all jacked up. As a teen, I possessed an unrivaled hatred for English class; but later on, I would discover writing to be the great passion of my life. It was an ironic twist not even Colombo himself could have predicted. Currently, I am a stay at home non-showered writer, editor, photographer and aspiring neurosurgeon. I say aspiring because I have neither the intelligence nor the patience for such an endeavor and so I stick to Grey’s Anatomy reruns.

And I have always believed in getting to the point.

So I’ve got to be up front with you. My dad scammed me into raising sheep as a small child, and it’s left me with a severe amount of emotional baggage – severe enough to blame almost all of my issues on.

Despite that fact, I have an uncanny ability to dispense very direct love advice, with no intention of taking it myself. I’m also a recovering pessimist and commitment-phobe. On a side note, it has taken me until this year to finally realize that there is only one “t” in commitment. Lately, you can find me loitering around your local neighborhood Applebees.

twitter: @bluntdelivery // site: Blunt Delivery // flickr

Julia Gazdag {Anyroads}

I grew up in a lengthy back-and-forth between Budapest and Los Angeles, making my escape to New York three days after graduating high school. I lived there for five years but eventually my restlessness got the best of me. For the next few years I traveled around the States and Europe. I was most interested in seeing Austin, TX and Portland, OR, to explore their music scenes and make a plan to live in each for a while. I ended up spending six months in Austin working on a documentary about the local indie rock scene, called Echotone. From there I did some more traveling, then a three month farming fellowship in an intentional community, some more traveling across the country, and finally made my way to Portland, where I live now.

I work mostly in film and TV, moonlighting at the occasional film festival and basically hopping onto projects I’m into and finding a context to work in. Right now I’m writing a TV series and am also a photographer, with a website and flickr page. Sometimes I write for Off Our Chests.

twitter: @juliagazdag // site: Julia Gazdag // Vyou // flickr


Almie Rose {Apocalypstick}

People seem to think I’m vaguely badass. I don’t know where they get that idea. The best compliment I’ve ever gotten was when someone compared me to a vintage store mannequin. I was born and raised in LA, but everyone thinks I’m from New York. I went to college in NYC, graduated, came back here, and was basically a professional flâneur. I hate buying records in stores because you just know the clerks are judging you based on your purchases. I love David Bowie and Britney Spears, and people are just going to have to deal with that. I like to help people with their relationship issues even though I have no idea how to solve my own.

You can find me on my website Apocalypstick,, and . I also have a regular relationship column in Genlux magazine. I am totally OK if you want to refer to me as a updated Carrie Bradshaw as long as you mean the Carrie Bradshaw from the series and not the movies.

“This is how it works: you’re young until you’re not.” — Regina Spektor

twitter: @apocalypstick // site: Apocalypstick


Natasha, Megan & Julie {Big Red Flags} 

Natasha, Meagan and Julie are the authors of The Little Black Book of Big Red Flags: Relationship Warning Signs You Totally Spotted … But Chose to Ignore, which they developed from their popular datng and relationships blog They met while earning their Master’s degrees in creative writing from the University of Southern California and currently live in Los Angeles. (And they are all Pisces!) They specialize in analyzing dating and relationship red flags, and helping women learn to listen to, and follow, their intuitions.Natasha Burton is a serial monogamist who’s currently the Relationships Editor of, a lifestyle website partnered with MSN and ELLE magazine. Meagan McCrary is an L.A.-based yoga teacher with an adventurous spirit for romance, who has written for a variety of local lifestyle magazines. Julie Fishman is a sports-playing tomboy turned married comedy writer who teaches at a college in Hollywood and writes for screen, print, and web.

twitter: @bigredflags  // site: Big Red Flags


Jenny Jen {Blonde Bronzed Twentysomething} 

Jen Kirsch spent three of her first four years in College in a relationship.  In her fourth, she let go of the idea of monogamy and did some very valuable “research”.  This research has allowed her to make a name for herself as  the go-to relationship expert, columnist and blogger in Canada.  Her quick wit and all too honest tone (and background in broadcast journalism) make Jenny Jen the perfect role model for the college kids who need some advice from a best friend when our best friend doesn’t have the guts to say what we really need to hear.  Her blog Blonde, Bronzed, Twentysomething has the answers (and anecdotes) to everything and anything on your mind.

Can we say twentysomething Carrie Bradshaw, anyone?

twitter: @blondebronzed  // site: Blonde, Bronzed, Twentysomething


Cezanne Colvin {Filleosophy}

Hi! My name is Cézanne. I’m kind of a handful. I was born in California but I’ve moved fourteen times in my life, including across the Pacific to another country. Sometimes people ask me what all of this moving and traveling has taught me and I think I’ve figured it out: how to pack. Now I live on the east coast with my boyfriend where I educate him about the importance of putting your toiletries in a Ziploc bag. I’m a perfectionist to a fault, but it’s getting better. Then again, striving to be perfect at not being perfect is quite the conundrum. Some of my other winning personality traits include being neurotic, long-winded, and moderately materialistic. It’s part of my charm. My long-term goal is to establish a long-term goal. My favorite hobby is complaining.

twitter: @filleosophy //site: Filleosophy // tumblr // or you can find me in a perpetual state of distress.


 Courtney Cormier {How To with Courtney}

I’m the girl your mother begged your brother to date. But he didn’t and now he has Herpes. I’m a fan of making the first move and have plenty of How To tips to make your friends think their dating advice is actually working. Because let’s be real, it isn’t, you sometimes need someone from outside of your circle to give you the harsh, unbuttered truth (oh and by the way stop texting him 24/7 there is a reason he hasn’t responded to your last 15 texts and it isn’t because he 1. lost his phone, 2. was kidnapped by mole man or 3.”forgot”).

Over the past four years I’ve been collecting a few million how not to date stories, mostly from the hundreds of blind first dates I’ve gone on. My friends have even dubbed me the MVP of dating, and after you strike out as many times as I have you learn a thing or two (i.e. Never get extra onions on your burger during a first date if you want a romantic kiss.) So hopefully you’ll enjoy my quirky yet helpful dating How To’s and maybe even put some of my advice to use.

twitter: @courtneycormier // site: How To With Courtney


Jane & Cecilia

Jane and Cecilia is a relationship blog that began after two ladies, “Jane” and “Cecilia,” realized they had many funny and insightful stories to share regarding their failed experiences with men, dating, and relationships. “Why not share it with the world?” they thought – everyone can laugh and learn with us as we have with each other.

Jane and Cecilia met in college and became the best of friends after the ending of Jane’s seven-year relationship and Cecilia’s five-year relationship. We needed each other during this transitional period of status, location, and career changes. Although currently we live on opposite coasts with very different lives, we are tied to one another by living in parallel in the dating and relationship aspect.

On The College Crush we will discuss what relationship myths are true or false, interpreted through our combined 30 years of dating experience (we started liking boys at a very early age). However, we also invite you to visit our blog at to read our upbeat, witty, and otherwise very true stories. Who knows? Maybe you may chuckle with or at us, but most importantly we hope you will learn something from our experiences.

twitter: @janeandcecilia // site: Jane & Cecilia


Lauren Levine {Life with Lauren}

Lauren works in radio by day, but at night she is the one-woman force behind her blog “Life with Lauren.” She loves drinking iced coffee in any weather, learning to play guitar, Bethenny Frankel’s entire life, and writing in the third person. Lauren will be your go-to girl if you’re trying to make a long-distance relationship work. She and her boyfriend spent the first chunk of their 2 ½ year relationship doing distance (part of that time was when she was abroad in London). She’ll also write about going from a casual thing to being a real, “bring him home to the family” relationship.

twitter: @lifewithlauren //site: Life With Lauren



Love Twenty is an online magazine for twenty-somethings, specializing in college, career, and everything in between. Most online magazines only focus on a woman’s college years, but there aren’t many that are there for you 100%— every step (in killer heels of course) of the way.

The Love Twenty team is made up of over 50 (and counting) talented ladies from all over the world who know a thing or two about surviving your twenties. Why? Because they’re doing it every day. Not sure what to wear to an internship? We have you covered. Want to know what type of guys to stay clear of? Help is just a click away. We have everything you know and love. And once you start reading, you won’t be able to stop.

twitter: @ lovetwentymag  // site: Love Twenty


Adrianna Giuliani {Techromance}

Adrianna Giuliani is a techromance blogger and writes about how technology creates, crumbles and confuses modern relationships. She is repped by Hannah Gordon at Foundry Media and is working on a book proposal titled Great Textpectations, a collection of short stories and musings about dating in a post Sex and the City era. By day she works as a Creative & Strategic planner at DeVries.


twitter: @techromanceblog // site: Techromance


Tiffany Harrison {What Would Jane Do?}

Tiffany is a wannabe time-traveler, tea-drinking anglophile who considers Jane Austen her BFF and guide to life. As you might have guessed, much of the inspiration behind her love advice comes from an 18th century spinster with perpetually ink-stained hands. Does that mean she has NO idea how dating is supposed to work in the 21st century? Of course….*ahem*…not.

But don’t let the romantic tendencies and Wentworth-longing glances fool you. This modern ‘Janeite’ knows how to keep it real. Just ask her mother (actually don’t do that). Since graduating from Cal State Chico with a BA in Journalism, Tiffany has become a perpetual traveler. She has lived and studied in Scotland, worked in PR in San Francisco and is now culturing her passion for travel as the Partnership & Outreach Manager for in Colorado. No matter where she goes, she considers her passport her map, a suitcase her home and Jane Austen the glue that holds everything together.

When she isn’t relating every aspect of life to an Austen novel, Tiffany can be found daydreaming up ways to eventually relocate to medieval Scotland.

twitter: @ttmharrison // site: What Would Jane Do?


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