The Value of a Love Letter

Today I decided to clean out my Gmail inbox. It was a mighty task. I had nearly 3,000 messages that needed to be sorted through. As I was nearing the end of the massive amounts of e-mail (so refreshing when it was done), I got to some messages that made me nostalgic. They were from when my boyfriend and I had just started dating and I was studying abroad in London. Since we couldn’t just go out together or stay in and rent movies, we had to rely on Skype and e-mail to build a foundation for our new relationship. People thought we were crazy for beginning a relationship right as I was going abroad, but the circumstances actually ended up benefitting us. When you first start dating someone, it’s easy to get so caught up in the physical stuff that you forget to talk and create a closeness between the two of you. When you’re stuck with e-mail and Skype, you have no choice but to get to know each other on a more, shall we say, “intellectual” level. Even though my semester abroad was nearly three years ago, I still cherish the e-mails (and hand-written letters) my boyfriend and I sent each other while I was in London. They’re special and romantic. It’s also fun to re-read what was going on in each of our lives at the time. It’s like reading an old diary, except I don’t have to roll my eyes at my own dramatic tales of boys who don’t return my affections or bitchy girls in math class. After reading these messages, I’ve decided that I’m bringing love letters back. Yeah, my boyfriend and I live together. We also work in the same office. I could walk into the next room, get my boyfriend’s attention and say, “I love you.” But just because you see someone all the time doesn’t mean love letters have to become a thing of the past. In fact, I think they become even more special when you write them even though they’re not necessary.  There’s something so unique about knowing that your significant other took the time and care to write a sweet note just for you. If you’re in a relationship and it’s been a while since you took the time to really tell that person what he/she means to you, take five minutes and write it down on paper. Tape it to the bathroom mirror or put it on the steering wheel of his/her car. Slip it into a notebook or planner he/she uses all the time. Leave it somewhere unexpected and fun, but not somewhere where it will get lost. I say this because I once thought I would be cute and fun by leaving a love note tucked under my boyfriend’s windshield. He didn’t see it and drove off and away the note went. Whoops. What do you think about bringing love notes back? Is this something you’d try? Tweet me @lifewithlauren1 or find me on my blog Life with Lauren.    Photo found on

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Proud Syracuse University alum. I work in radio by day, but at night I run my blog "Life with Lauren"( I'm also a freelance writer and contribute to other terrific blogs (such as the one you're reading right now). I've been dating a great guy for three years. Our relationship started right as I was leaving to study abroad in London for a semester, so I write a lot about long-distance relationships. Find me on Twitter: @lifewithlauren1. Thanks for reading!