Things I Learned By Not Listening To My Intuition

We’re all told from a young age that we should always trust that little voice in the back of our heads. But sometimes, that voice keeps us too protected and keeps us from having fun. I spent this past entire weekend ignoring my gut and having a ton of fun and here are the things I learned.

1. As We Get Older Our Intuition Becomes More Limited
As the time has ticked on, I’ve found myself immediately saying no to things I at least would have mulled over in the past. When you get older, the logical (and first) answer to a question is usually no. You think of more cons than pros and more reasons why it will be difficult than attainable. But, instead of jumping to reasons why not, it’s worth it to at least ponder the possibility of saying yes. It may be still be a mistake, but at least you’ve tried to be insightful instead of dismissing new opportunities or people.

2. Sometimes You SHOULD Just Go With Your Gut
Ok, as I stated above, sometimes not listening to your intuition CAN be a mistake. While it’s important to be open and in the present (thank you The Secret), sometimes it really is best to trust your intuition. You are smarter than you think and more in tune with yourself than you may give yourself credit for. Trust yourself and know that no matter what other people- including me, say you know what’s right for you. As they say on The Bad Girls Club “You do you”.

3. We’re Supposed To Make The Occasional Mistake
Just because you ignore your gut it doesn’t mean that’s a bad thing. Sometimes you can make bad decisions that turn into a lot of fun. While they may not help on Monday morning, these mistakes can turn into life long memories and stories to look back on fondly when your boobs have sagged and your body isn’t as tight. If we aren’t allowed to make mistakes in our teens and twenties, when will we be able to? Don’t sweat those errors in judgement, that’s what youth is for.

Do YOU ever ignore your intuition? Does it get you into our out of trouble more?



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