What do you do if all your friends hate your boyfriend?

Dear Losers,

What do you do if all your friends hate your boyfriend?

Samantha, 17

Dear Reader,

Elope and have 12 kids with him!

WOOPSIE. Just kidding.

Anyway, you have to ask yourself why they hate him. Actually don’t ask yourself, ask them. If their dislike for him is completely unfounded, close-minded or irrational, then there’s not much you can do except tell your friends to go cry about it. (And please offer them a soft tissue and hold them while they cry…. I mean, you are friends, right?)


For example if they say things like:

“Well he just doesn’t fit in!”


“I liked your last boyfriend better!”


“I just see you with someone more popular. And athletic!”

Or simply

“Ugh, ew!”

Then those aren’t great reasons. Their hatred towards him may be more about them and their hangups. Or they may want you to date someone with cuter friends. (Who knows, they could want you to date some fictional person they think is perfect for you.)


However, if they do have good reasons, you should listen. If they say things like:

“He’s rude and doesn’t treat you well!”


“He grabbed my [CENSORED] at that party last night!”


“I think he has a bright future ahead of him…. IN WIFEBEATING.”


“Um hello? He makes you cry AND he smells weird!”


Then, they might have a point. Our friends are supposed to look out for us. Sometimes they mean well but honestly should be ignored. And sometimes they mean well and should be heard.

I remember when one of my friends was fed up with her boyfriend, she asked me, ”What do you think of Ryan*?”

I said, “Honestly?” (She nodded.) “I think he’s a douchebag.”

And I was happy to list all the reasons why. Actually, they were reasons she was already well aware of. She wasn’t like, “OH MY GOD! He’s rude and mooches off of me????” (As she checked her empty wallet.) She knew.

And trust me, you’ll know. You’re not stupid. Listen for good reasons. And if you don’t hear any, then have some tissues ready. Even though your friends don’t have to date him, they do have to deal with him and see how your relationship affects you.


*Name changed to protect the douchebag.


Photo found on http://www.flickr.com/photos/58438716@N08/5458762710/in/photostream/

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