When a Good Thing Comes Along…Trust In It

Sometimes the story goes a little like this: you meet someone you’re interested in and along come the butterflies-in-the-stomach, thinking-constantly-about-that-person moments. But just when you think you’re on the way to Crushville , Mr. Potentially Perfect pulls a u-turn and becomes The a**hole-you-wish-you’d-never met. Yes, I’m talking about you, bad boys….you know exactly who you are.

There are any number of reasons for this, but either way, it’s end of story, end of fairytale. I haven’t lost you with all the metaphors, right? I’m not saying that every story goes like this, but we’ve all been there and had our hearts stomped on now and again.

Obviously, if this happens often enough it would be safe to assume that you’ve become wary in trusting in anything that feels “too” perfect. I know I’ve been guilty of it. More times than I can count actually. You meet someone else where the chemistry instantly clicks, but instead of leaping you question what his/her faults might be. There’s got to be something that’s off, right? Instead of recognizing the potential, you’ve become cautious and look for all sorts of ridiculous reasons to validate that caution.

Time to listen up: we’ve got to STOP doing that to ourselves. Seeing as how it’s the Year of the Nice Guy here at The College Crush, it seems appropriate to be raising this subject. Maybe it’s just me that has an issue with trusting in any sort of “right guy,” but I doubt it. It would be silly to even think that I’m alone in being frightened of leaping without looking. This is far from the end of the story, though–because sometimes you WILL meet someone who will change your mind.

As an example, I’ve recently been getting to know someone who has inspired feelings in me I never knew I was capable of. It’s not something that has a label and I have no idea where it might lead (or if it will) but for the first time in my life, that doesn’t scare me so much. I wish I could peg a reason for why it’s happening now, besides the cliche of “you just know when you know,” but it’s the only vaguely tangible reason I can think of.

Without sounding like a broken record of some formulaic rom-com, I have to admit how amazing of a feeling it can be to finally give a good thing a chance. No matter what today or tomorrow may hold (even if it leads to a**hole-ville) I’ll never regret having experienced that feeling.

I’m probably the last person that should be telling you to trust in a good thing when it comes along, but I figure if I’m finally learning what that means firsthand—well then, I suppose the advice is justified (please feel free to totally dispute that if you’re so inclined). At the very least, you should try giving it a chance yourself. There’s never any guarantee that it will work out, but like many of the bloggers here have said, just because it didn’t work out doesn’t mean it wasn’t successful. This shouldn’t stop you from trying, because even relationships that dissolve teach you about yourself and your expectations in love.

Like most things, trust isn’t something that will grow overnight–especially if it’s trust in yourself. Some might say it’s even harder then trusting in another person. Once you do find it, though, give it room to breath and grow. Then, probably when you’re not paying much attention, it will have shown up to surprise you in the form of one connection or another.

How you decide to move forward from there is entirely up to you. You’ve already changed the end of the story by giving that good thing a fighting chance. If you ask me, I’d call that the best kind of happily ever after there is.

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Tiffany is a wannabe time-traveler, tea-drinking anglophile who considers Jane Austen her BFF and guide to life. When she isn’t relating every aspect of life to an Austen novel, Tiffany enjoys promoting international education, making travel plans and always taking time for a cup of Lady Grey tea. You can read more of Tiffany’s work on her blog, What Would Jane Do?