Why Dating Should Be More Like Twitter

Lately I’ve been spending more and more time on Twitter. In fact I’m kind of in love with it. The conversations just seem more crisp, timely, interesting and hilarious than on any other social networking site. Plus, with an almost 200% increase in the volume of tweets in the past year, clearly I am not the only one falling for the site. I would also argue that any place attracting that much action must be doing something right, and it got me thinking that maybe we could all attract some more attention if we applied some of Twitter’s golden rules to our dating lives. So here they are — the top 6 things we could learn from twitter to gain some offline “followers” and love. What do you think?

1. Stop Talking About Yourself: Have you ever been on a date where the person won’t stop talking about their Hamptons share, their fantasy football league and how EPIC their last road trip was? Yeah well that would never happen on Twitter. Talking about yourself all the time gets you unfollowed as fast as tweeting IN CAPS LOCK.

2. Be Funny: Humor rules on Twitter and “pick up lines” that mention how sexy you look go straight into your spam file. If only the real world was that simple.

3. Build Relationships: Twitter teaches us an important lesson when it comes to relationships — they should be built before you want something from someone. Wouldn’t it be great if potential suitors looked to really build a relationship with you before they decide to text you at 2:00 AM and ask if you’re wearing a black bra?

4. Recognize Looks Aren’t Everything: Twitter is probably the least superficial of all social networking sites. Unlike Facebook, MySpace and Instagram your profile pic is tiny in comparison to your personality, point of view and taste.

5. Get to the point: We’ve all endured weeks of texting and emailing with potential love interests when we are forced to ask the question “why are you asking me what I’m eating for lunch but won’t ask if you can take me to dinner?” By nature, Twitter’s word limit makes people say what’s on their mind. (Hint Twitter boys: asking a girl out is a great use of DMing). Afterall, how can you put your foot in your mouth in 140 characters?

6. Show the love: On twitter there is no questioning if someone likes you or not. If they do, you’ll know about it because you’ll get @replys, retweets and #FollowFridays showing affection. Wouldn’t it be great if you knew where you stood every Friday with potential love interests?


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About the Author,

Adrianna Giuliani is a techromance blogger and writes about how technology creates, crumbles and confuses modern relationships. She is repped by Hannah Gordon at Foundry Media and is working on a book proposal titled Great Textpectations, a collection of short stories and musings about dating in a post Sex and the City era.