Why It’s Time To Bring Back The Love Letter

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We live in an era of abbreviations, short bursts of communication, and fast, fast, fast messages. Why say “Okay” when you can say “k”? Why call someone when you can text? Why take the time to plan a visit when you can feel caught up using FaceTime? It’s impacting our romantic relationships (um…to say the least) and it’s impacting our friendships too. When was the last time you paused what you were doing and took the time to really let someone know how you feel? Whether it’s telling them why you love them, what’s special about them, what you need from them, that you’re here for them during a hard time, it doesn’t matter. Emotions like this don’t quite translate when there are emojis involved.

On the receiving end of things, when was the last time you got snail mail that wasn’t a reminder about a dentist appointment, a bill, or an application for a credit card that you don’t want? My point exactly. We’re all moving a billion miles an hour, so it’s easy to skip over the heartfelt and the time-consuming in favor of the “get the point across and move on.” As a result, it’s easy to feel underappreciated and slightly disconnected from the world as it goes by at lightning speed.

While quick communication is sometimes necessary, I’d like to propose a new initiative as the summer rolls around, classes wrap up, and you have a little more free time. Let’s write more letters. It could be to your best friend, your boyfriend, someone you hope could be your boyfriend, your aunt, or a childhood pal whom you’ve lost touch with and wish you hadn’t. I want to slow it down a little bit and let the special people in our lives know that they really are special.

Sure, you can use Facebook and text to keep up with friends over the summer. But why not write a letter? Send a postcard if you’re going on a trip. Take some time to get your thoughts on paper. Doing long distance because of internships this summer? FaceTime your little hearts out, but up the romance factor with a love note too. There’s something so sweet and wonderful about taking the time to put the thoughts in your brain on paper for someone who means something to you.

Been a while since you wrote a letter? Me too. It’s okay. Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

One (1) envelope

One (1) piece of paper or postcard. Maybe more, depending on what you want to say. Make it fun, colorful, or something that shows your personality.

One (1) funky pen. It’s always more enjoyable to write when your utensil isn’t just your standard black or blue deal. My suggestion? The Bic® 4-Color pen™. With 4 Inseparable Colors in 1 Pen  you have everything you need.   (Need proof of the awesome? Here’s some ridiculous videos)  


You can get creative and personalize that note, postcard, or love letter (ooh la la), making it perfect for the person you’re sending it too. Sweet, sentimental, funny, sexy, you can say it all with the same pen. It also makes it easy to stay organized as you write, which is useful if you’re a tad out of practice. Kick it old school with some seventh-grade style doodles for your best friend, add in a few red hearts that special someone, you know what to do. The pen is a fun and colorful way to express yourself and say what you mean, whatever that feeling may be.  Getting a hankering?  We get it.  You can pick one up at Staples or get one on Amazon.

Writing a letter may feel a little weird at first, but it’s also such a relief, especially for those of us (cough cough, yours truly) who spend all day typing on a computer. And if you’re lucky, the person you’re sending that note off to will be so touched that they’ll return the favor, helping to break up your mailbox monotony. Dr. Smith, DDS, won’t be the only one sending you mail anymore (don’t forget your checkup is coming up, by the way).

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