Why You Need A Guyatus

We all know the frustrations that occur when our best friends starting dating and suddenly drop off the face of the earth, which can often leave us feeling bitter and resentful. But are you that girl? Are you the one ditching your friends when you enter a new relationship? Maybe, maybe not. But perhaps you are a serial dater – you might not be in a committed relationship, but you are always talking to someone. And life just doesn’t feel right to you unless you have a boy to cuddle with on a Friday night.

Well ladies, I hate to break it to you, but you are all in desperate need of a Guyatus. Whether you have a boyfriend or not.

[Guy - a - tus]:  a break from guys.

You might think this is unnecessary, but I will show you exactly why you need one RIGHT NOW.

1. To clear your mind of the drama. If you’re in a relationship or even if you’re serial dating, there is always some level of drama. Am I right ladies? Why didn’t he text me back? Why didn’t he call last night, he always calls? Why is he talking to her, he knows I hate her? And when we’re in the middle of drama, we can’t make right decisions. In order for you to give yourself a mental break, and reassess your relationship, you need to take a step back. When you’re in it, you’re too involved to be able to fully analyze what is best for you.

2. To reconnect with the women in your life. Maybe you are that girl who ditches your friends when you meet a new guy. Or maybe you’re just preoccupied with your quest for “the right one.” Either way, you need to reconnect with your girls. Why? Well, they know you the best and they want the best for you. Sometimes, we are too deep in something to see that it is not good for us. It’s easy to be protective of your relationships, but try your best to be open to your friends’ perspectives. Even now that I’m engaged and fastly approaching the big 3-0, I still have a girl’s night marked on my calendar every month. And if there’s anyone who can relate to the problems and questions that you have in your dating life – it’s other women. Be refreshed and encouraged.

3. To regain yourself. Often times, we as women tend to ‘mold’ ourselves to what we feel a guy wants. This happens in relationships, but also in casual dating. We think that if we talk about the same things they do, or if we act interested in UFC fights and beer pong that they will somehow like us better. This is very dangerous – and not to mention – ineffective. So many guys have told me over the years that they want a girl who is independent, who has her own goals and passions and opinions. Who wants to date a clone of himself? If you are knee deep in a relationship where you are constantly making compromises of what you want and how you feel, you are losing who you are. But it’s hard to notice when you just keep going without some time to stop and take a look.

Here’s to taking a well-needed break,


photo credit: http://sophiesticated90.tumblr.com/

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Currently, I am a stay at home, non-showered writer, editor and photographer. I’m also a restless, commitment-phobic nomad who has spent the majority of my twenties in a perpetual state of confusion. But hey, I give solid advice.